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Paramount Clouds - EP

by The Demos

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released April 1, 2016

The Demos are Jason Milton (Vocals/Guitar), Callan Saunders (Vocals/Bass), Mike James (Drums/Percussion/Treatments), Caela Moore (Piano/Keyboards), Adam Ford (Guitar)

Additional Vocals by Anna Dana
Produced & Arranged by Mike James & The Demos
Recorded by Sam Polizzi at Blue on Blue Studios, Rochester, NY
Mixed by Chris Lord Alge. Mixed at Mix LA, Tarzana, CA.
Artwork by Callan Saunders
Managed by Mark Eichner for the Eichner Entertainment Company, inc.

We would like to thank our families, friends and fans for their love and support

© 2016 Young Lion of the West Recording Company, Rochester, NY
All Songs Written & Published by: Jaysound/Calsound/RocknRollarama Publishing/Bunnies In The City/Arcadian Musik (SESAC)



all rights reserved


The Demos Rochester, New York

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Track Name: I Don't Mind
Loners in twos. Running backwards into you. I opened my eyes. I wish you did too. I walked into the room. You turned my persistence into gold. Details fade faster than fame. Even pictures don’t look quite the same. I opened my mind. Don’t like what you see? Immortalize me. You turned all my laughter into yours. And I DON’T MIND. You turned all my laughter into; you turned my persistence into gold.
Track Name: Clearly
You and I: searching for the dark side of life. Up all night. Petrified, tearing up the wrong page. You’re right. Let’s not fight. When we just have nothing to do. Darlin’ I’ll sing somethin’ to you. I see CLEARLY honey, love me dearly. I have to. Night has fallen over souls just crawlin’ back to you. Out all night, trashing out with old friends, old lives, old types. When we just have nothing to prove. Darlin’ I’ll sing something to you.
Track Name: Another Day
I fell from the 22nd window. You fell for me, she screamed, you’ll die for me. Don’t we all die for each other? I took what I couldn’t handle. Just picture me, drowning, and in the dream… Don’t we all live for ANOTHER DAY? We all live for another day. Don’t we all love for another day? We all love for another day. Took off my coat to stay a while. You don’t say that to honey. You don’t say that to me. Don’t we all live for another…
Track Name: Hardly Done
Got restless feelings sinking into my skin. Empty bottles of acetaminophen. I’m not too young to read the lines on the grave, too old to swelter in the sun and be saved. It’s settled in all right. An everlasting night. And now I feel relieved, tore my heart right off my sleeve I’m HARDLY DONE. I’m not a victim of my own device. A mixed up salesman you all have to entice. Diffuse the spectrum of a ghastly extreme. My tongue is burning and my eyes they both gleam. Dollars and cents expel, the price of living well. But now I feel release. The fold, the line, the ridge, the crease. And now I feel at ease. Dried the pen that wrote my lease on life, I’m hung. And I don’t need ideals. You’ll find romance in your high heels.
Track Name: Better
Frozen in motion. Fledgling devotion. I’ll take your heart and stay underground. Never seen better than media’s pleasure. Take all you want and don’t make a sound. You shoulda known BETTER. Pushing and pulling. Obsession is building. Desire for hire. Commit to convict. Torturous murmur. I don’t think I hurt/heard her. Return just to learn that we all contradict. You shoulda known better not to let your heart grow. Analyzing everything thing that you know. You shoulda known better not to let your heart go. Better not let your heart go.